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Music Streaming Breaks The Billion Dollar Sales Barrier

Music streaming has become really popular over the years. Many people have turned to streaming to listen to their music. More and more fans are choosing to pay for their music online than buying new cds in the store. The change has paid off for music subscription services because the numbers are up. Music streaming […]

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Planet Likely To Warm 4C By 2100AD Scientists Warn

A new research study is suggesting that the planet is likely to warm 4C by 2100AD scientists warn, unless countries begin cutting greenhouse gas emissions. This is two times the levels that have been declared life threatening by the world’s governments. While researchers still aren’t sure how fewer clouds forming affect global warming, they do […]


Man Falls Just Short In Patriot Game To Be 100% French

For ten months Benjamin Carle only wore, ate, and used products that were 100% French. As part of a documentary for French TV, the 26 year decided to see if it was even possible to avoid all foreign made items. The experiment began in response to the French Prime Minister Arnaud Montebourg’s plea for the […]

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6th Summit of the BRICS

Global Power Shift from West to East

From the rising war in Gaza to what has been happening in Ukraine, everything points to the fact that the world is facing a major change in the shift of powers. The fact that the US dollar is also in the end stage of rising adds the final nail to the coffin and shows people […]

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Do Children Understand Technology Better Than Adults?

Whens the last time you had to ask a child to show you how to use a smartphone or gadget? Never? Well soon you may be in the minority! In a bizarre role reversal, it’s becoming frequently common for children as young as six to know more about technology and gadgets than older generations. Recent […]


Castaway – The Survival Story of José Ivan

Drifting for about sixteen months and undertaking the journey of more than 12,500 km after setting out from Mexico was José Ivan whose story is as compelling as the one that has been covered in the famous movie called ‘Life of Pi’. With a similar situation and condition, the survivor only spoke Spanish and the […]